Why Use an eBay Bidding App?

12 Jan 2016
by Aaron Holland
free eBay bidding app

There are many reasons to use a eBay bidding app. Often refereed to as a bid sniper, eBay sniper apps, eBay auction apps and a wide range of other names, these apps assist buyers in automating the eBay search and bidding process.

eBay is an amazing platform that has withstood the near impossible test of Internet time. In fact, they own the online marketplace sector to such a degree that thousands of competitors have tried and failed to build more feature-rich marketplaces over the last decade. You know what they say, if you cant beat them, join them.

Although eBay affords buyers the opportunity to save big, it also creates the issue of impulse buying without cross-comparing pricing. Furthermore, many auctions and sellers don’t allow for refunds so after you have purchased you cam get stuck with the item no matter if it works for you or not.

eBay bidding apps take a lot of the hassle and risk out of shopping auctions on eBay. eBay recommends that buyers place bids at the highest price you are willing to pay, and essentially sit back and pray. This tactic works well for eBay, however, does not keep the buyers best interests in mind. This bidding principal will cost you more money and you will lose out on more items by essentially driving the final bids up before the action comes to an end.

A much better, cheaper and more efficient bidding tactic is to use a eBay bid sniping tool to automate your bids and allow you to see items moments before they expire. This is why we build Snipe. We wanted buyers to be able to take advantage of last-second bid sniping without loosing the shopping experience like many set-it-and-forget-it bid sniping apps.

With Snipe, you get the best of both worlds. First, log in to the app with your existing eBay account and set your bid criteria. You can set your preferences on categories, shipping cost, minimum bid amount and a variety of other factors. Once you have set your preferences, hop back to the main screen and start swiping. You will be served a mix of deals from your preset search criteria.

The benefits of bid sniping;
-You don’t waste time tracking an items price and bid history.
-You don’t get caught up in a bidding war
-You don’t spend unnecessary amounts on items
-Your intent to bid is kept hidden from other buyers

We hope you enjoyed this article and download Snipe for free in the app store…http://apple.co/1NY4W2g

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