Guidelines for bidding on eBay collectables

09 Feb 2016
by Aaron Holland
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Bidding and ultimately buying collectables on eBay can be a unique task unto itself. No matter what your interests are, it’s more than likely that there is something for you on eBay based on the sheer volume of items. Like buying many things on eBay, there are several things to keep in mind during the search, bidding and buying process. We have compiled an article of guidelines for bidding on collectable items on eBay.

Remove Emotion
It’s really easy to get emotionally attached to collectors items, especially when the item is something you are passionate about or have been searching for. First-time eBay bidders, and shoppers without a lot of bidding experience often bid wildly, pay the buy-it-now price and ultimately allow emotion to guide their purchasing decisions. Keep in mind, if its on eBay now, it will most likely be on eBay again. Stay calm, bid with purpose and keep your eye on the prize – savings.

In the retail world the saying goes ” location, location location”. In the eBay world the saying should be “timing, timing, timing”. The timing of your bids is often the most important part of the bidding process. When it comes to collectables this is even more relevant, as the demand for the item increases exponentially depending on it’s lack of abundance. Also, keep in mind, bidding too late can also cost you. Tracking your bids carefully is the name of the game.

Do Your Homework
If you are a collector, you probably know the ins, outs and everything in-between. However, if you are new to the market or are shopping for a collectable for a friend, make sure you put in the time to get all the facts before making your purchase or bid. Shopping on eBay without a frame of reference can be a dangerous undertaking. Included in your “homework” should be checking out the sellers rating and feedback, the shipping cost of the item, the location of the items, the condition of the item and the overall value of the item.

We hope these simple tips, tricks and best practices help you win more collectables on eBay. If you are looking for a free eBay bid sniper app to place last minute bids, find deals and win more auctions try the Snipe App – free now on the App store.

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