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19 Feb 2016
by Aaron Holland
free ebay bid sniper app

A Collectors Guide to eBay

Shopping on eBay is one of the easiest ways to discover and buy collectable items. However, there are several things to keep in mind as both a buyer and seller of collectable items on eBay.

When bidding on eBay, it is important to establish the true value of the item you want to bid on. The first thing one must do is have a clear understanding of the authenticity and condition of the item. Once you have determined the item is true to it’s description, and in acceptable condition, you can accurately determine the value of the item.

Once you have accurately determined the value, it is important to research the seller of the item. You can use eBay’s seller feedback system to research who is selling the item, and how other buyers have rated items they have purchased from the seller in the past. You can actually use eBay’s seller system to research and find collectors.

Other great options on eBay for collectors are collectors groups. These groups feature up to hundreds of collectors and experts in a variety of different collectable categories. Collector groups are often the best places to look if you are looking for rare items.

The benefits of the collectables market on eBay extend not only to the buyer, but the to the seller as well. If you are a collator and need to get rid of some of your inventory, want to make some extra money, or are just needing to do some spring cleaning, eBay is a great marketplace for your collectables. As a seller, work on establishing yourself as an authority with your online presence, seller profile and on the item’s page itself. Collectables are one of the strongest categories on eBay with millions of buyers and sellers that are active daily.

As your eBay collectables business grows there are several things to keep in mind. Make sure you have systems in place to manage your inventory, finances and taxes. Having established systems for your administration work will allow you to grow your operation at a faster pace.

We hope you find great success with your eBay undertakings and have some fun along the way!

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09 Feb 2016
by Aaron Holland
free eBay bid sniper app

Guidelines for bidding on eBay collectables

Bidding and ultimately buying collectables on eBay can be a unique task unto itself. No matter what your interests are, it’s more than likely that there is something for you on eBay based on the sheer volume of items. Like buying many things on eBay, there are several things to keep in mind during the search, bidding and buying process. We have compiled an article of guidelines for bidding on collectable items on eBay.

Remove Emotion
It’s really easy to get emotionally attached to collectors items, especially when the item is something you are passionate about or have been searching for. First-time eBay bidders, and shoppers without a lot of bidding experience often bid wildly, pay the buy-it-now price and ultimately allow emotion to guide their purchasing decisions. Keep in mind, if its on eBay now, it will most likely be on eBay again. Stay calm, bid with purpose and keep your eye on the prize – savings.

In the retail world the saying goes ” location, location location”. In the eBay world the saying should be “timing, timing, timing”. The timing of your bids is often the most important part of the bidding process. When it comes to collectables this is even more relevant, as the demand for the item increases exponentially depending on it’s lack of abundance. Also, keep in mind, bidding too late can also cost you. Tracking your bids carefully is the name of the game.

Do Your Homework
If you are a collector, you probably know the ins, outs and everything in-between. However, if you are new to the market or are shopping for a collectable for a friend, make sure you put in the time to get all the facts before making your purchase or bid. Shopping on eBay without a frame of reference can be a dangerous undertaking. Included in your “homework” should be checking out the sellers rating and feedback, the shipping cost of the item, the location of the items, the condition of the item and the overall value of the item.

We hope these simple tips, tricks and best practices help you win more collectables on eBay. If you are looking for a free eBay bid sniper app to place last minute bids, find deals and win more auctions try the Snipe App – free now on the App store.

12 Jan 2016
by Aaron Holland
free eBay bidding app

Why Use an eBay Bidding App?

There are many reasons to use a eBay bidding app. Often refereed to as a bid sniper, eBay sniper apps, eBay auction apps and a wide range of other names, these apps assist buyers in automating the eBay search and bidding process.

eBay is an amazing platform that has withstood the near impossible test of Internet time. In fact, they own the online marketplace sector to such a degree that thousands of competitors have tried and failed to build more feature-rich marketplaces over the last decade. You know what they say, if you cant beat them, join them.

Although eBay affords buyers the opportunity to save big, it also creates the issue of impulse buying without cross-comparing pricing. Furthermore, many auctions and sellers don’t allow for refunds so after you have purchased you cam get stuck with the item no matter if it works for you or not.

eBay bidding apps take a lot of the hassle and risk out of shopping auctions on eBay. eBay recommends that buyers place bids at the highest price you are willing to pay, and essentially sit back and pray. This tactic works well for eBay, however, does not keep the buyers best interests in mind. This bidding principal will cost you more money and you will lose out on more items by essentially driving the final bids up before the action comes to an end.

A much better, cheaper and more efficient bidding tactic is to use a eBay bid sniping tool to automate your bids and allow you to see items moments before they expire. This is why we build Snipe. We wanted buyers to be able to take advantage of last-second bid sniping without loosing the shopping experience like many set-it-and-forget-it bid sniping apps.

With Snipe, you get the best of both worlds. First, log in to the app with your existing eBay account and set your bid criteria. You can set your preferences on categories, shipping cost, minimum bid amount and a variety of other factors. Once you have set your preferences, hop back to the main screen and start swiping. You will be served a mix of deals from your preset search criteria.

The benefits of bid sniping;
-You don’t waste time tracking an items price and bid history.
-You don’t get caught up in a bidding war
-You don’t spend unnecessary amounts on items
-Your intent to bid is kept hidden from other buyers

We hope you enjoyed this article and download Snipe for free in the app store…http://apple.co/1NY4W2g

04 Jan 2016
by Aaron Holland
ebay snipe app

5 Tips for Shopping on eBay

1. Be Nice

Remember the golden rule, especially when it comes to shopping on eBay. If you are dealing with a seller that seems rude or is not providing a high level of customer service try to be as polite as possible, but don’t forget to leave feedback on the seller. Stay in contact with sellers throughout the buying process and make sure to make an effort to ensure the transaction is as smooth as possible. Like many situations in life, always be courteous and polite.

2. Free Shipping 

Many sellers on eBay offer free shipping. When it comes to cheaper items, like many clothing and fashion items, the shipping can often double the price of the item you are buying. The way to avoid this predicament is to look for free shipping when you are shopping on eBay. Sometimes, when you are in direct contact with the seller, or you have purchased multiple items from one seller, you can request free shipping from them on your order/s. Snipe displays the shipping cost of each item as you swipe, allowing you to calculate shipping cost easily.

3. Use an eBay Sniping Tool

You may be able to guess our favorite, however there are various eBay sniping tools. We recommend incorporating a bid sniping tool within your eBay shopping process for many reasons. For example, Snipe allows you to save searches and quickly view items moments before they expire. These simple but imperative features can save you tons of time and money as you shop on eBay.

4. Compare In-Store Prices 

This point may seem simple, however, you would be surprised at how many sellers simply that don’t compare pricing. All sellers on eBay have one thing in common, they are trying to make money and although many sellers reasonably price their items, many do not. This one point can save you tons of money with a simple Google search!

5. Up Your Reputation 

After you create your eBay seller account make several small purchases and pay for them immediately. This will allow sellers to provide some feedback on you within eBay and give you some street cred for future transactions. Remember that many sellers will refuse or block bids from buyers with no credit. This becomes a very important factor on more expensive items that you may be shopping for on eBay.

22 Dec 2015
by Aaron Holland
Snipe for Ebay

Snipe: Now Live On The Apple App Store

We are pleased to announce that Snipe is now available on the Apple App Store! About time right? We couldn’t agree more. You can download the app here – http://apple.co/1NY4W2g 

Snipe is the most user friendly eBay shopping experience available. With Snipe, you are displayed items moments before they expire so you can place last minute bids with ease. Our unique search capability combined with our one-of-a-kind user interface allows you to maximize your winning bids. Just like Tinder, swipe through items quickly and find just what your looking for. No matter where you are, Snipe makes it easy to swipe, bid and win on everything for sale on eBay. Snipe also notifies you when you have been outbid on an item so you are sure to make the right bid, at the right time and lock in the lowest possible price no matter what your shopping for.

Download Snipe for free, login with your existing eBay account and start bidding instantly.



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