A Collectors Guide to eBay

19 Feb 2016
by Aaron Holland
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Shopping on eBay is one of the easiest ways to discover and buy collectable items. However, there are several things to keep in mind as both a buyer and seller of collectable items on eBay.

When bidding on eBay, it is important to establish the true value of the item you want to bid on. The first thing one must do is have a clear understanding of the authenticity and condition of the item. Once you have determined the item is true to it’s description, and in acceptable condition, you can accurately determine the value of the item.

Once you have accurately determined the value, it is important to research the seller of the item. You can use eBay’s seller feedback system to research who is selling the item, and how other buyers have rated items they have purchased from the seller in the past. You can actually use eBay’s seller system to research and find collectors.

Other great options on eBay for collectors are collectors groups. These groups feature up to hundreds of collectors and experts in a variety of different collectable categories. Collector groups are often the best places to look if you are looking for rare items.

The benefits of the collectables market on eBay extend not only to the buyer, but the to the seller as well. If you are a collator and need to get rid of some of your inventory, want to make some extra money, or are just needing to do some spring cleaning, eBay is a great marketplace for your collectables. As a seller, work on establishing yourself as an authority with your online presence, seller profile and on the item’s page itself. Collectables are one of the strongest categories on eBay with millions of buyers and sellers that are active daily.

As your eBay collectables business grows there are several things to keep in mind. Make sure you have systems in place to manage your inventory, finances and taxes. Having established systems for your administration work will allow you to grow your operation at a faster pace.

We hope you find great success with your eBay undertakings and have some fun along the way!

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