5 Tips for Shopping on eBay

04 Jan 2016
by Aaron Holland
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1. Be Nice

Remember the golden rule, especially when it comes to shopping on eBay. If you are dealing with a seller that seems rude or is not providing a high level of customer service try to be as polite as possible, but don’t forget to leave feedback on the seller. Stay in contact with sellers throughout the buying process and make sure to make an effort to ensure the transaction is as smooth as possible. Like many situations in life, always be courteous and polite.

2. Free Shipping 

Many sellers on eBay offer free shipping. When it comes to cheaper items, like many clothing and fashion items, the shipping can often double the price of the item you are buying. The way to avoid this predicament is to look for free shipping when you are shopping on eBay. Sometimes, when you are in direct contact with the seller, or you have purchased multiple items from one seller, you can request free shipping from them on your order/s. Snipe displays the shipping cost of each item as you swipe, allowing you to calculate shipping cost easily.

3. Use an eBay Sniping Tool

You may be able to guess our favorite, however there are various eBay sniping tools. We recommend incorporating a bid sniping tool within your eBay shopping process for many reasons. For example, Snipe allows you to save searches and quickly view items moments before they expire. These simple but imperative features can save you tons of time and money as you shop on eBay.

4. Compare In-Store Prices 

This point may seem simple, however, you would be surprised at how many sellers simply that don’t compare pricing. All sellers on eBay have one thing in common, they are trying to make money and although many sellers reasonably price their items, many do not. This one point can save you tons of money with a simple Google search!

5. Up Your Reputation 

After you create your eBay seller account make several small purchases and pay for them immediately. This will allow sellers to provide some feedback on you within eBay and give you some street cred for future transactions. Remember that many sellers will refuse or block bids from buyers with no credit. This becomes a very important factor on more expensive items that you may be shopping for on eBay.

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