Snipe for eBay

Snipe for eBay

Why not wait until the last minute...?

Simply Tinder for eBay

Snipe shows you the auctions you want to see, that are about to end, for you to make a last minute bid, ignore or review before it ends (if it hasn’t been sniped by someone else already).

You already do this with eBay, why not have an app that knows it.

The gesture shopping revolution

starts on iOS

Snipe a bargin

Find the stuff you want and get it cheap. Bid on an item with a tap or watch if you want to be asked again before it is too late.


Tap on an item to see more

The main picture not doing it for you? You can view more details on any item straight from the eBay listing. View the description, a breakdown of the bid + shipping or even tap to open the item directly in eBay with your browser.


Works with your existing eBay account

Already have an eBay account? Then you are all set to use Snipe. Login with your existing eBay account to see items close to you, in your local currency.

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